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The seeds of new products are born from the determination for savings on the bottom-line, consumer-friendly designs, and safety or security solutions. They also unleash the power to differentiate your business from others.

Our customers see ideas take shape as we transform concepts to physical products. Upon final approval the product is manufactured, tested, inspected, imported, and delivered. Below are just a few products we've partnered with our clients to create, or that took root when we saw an industry need warranting a solid solution.

What special products could your company use? Contact us today to discuss solutions that work hard for you, long after the innovation process has ended.

LCD Wall Mounts

LCD Wall Mounts

Security That's There, Even When You're Not

The need for protecting LCD TV investments is important. Market research and engineering led to the development of our security hood and tool (patent pending). It's a combination that provides the most secure LCD wall mounts in the industry.